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 "Australian-born percussionist Efraim Schulz-Wackerbarth is another beneficiary of the jazz pedagogy in Dutch conservatories. His master's degree research on the music of the great drum innovator Tony Williams connects him to the progressive stream of American jazz."

Efraim Schulz-Wackerbarth is an Australian born German jazz drummer based in Amsterdam. His versatility, sensitivity to style, tight ensemble playing and improvisational skills make him a sought after player with instrumentalists and singers alike and have led him to collaborate with musicians from around the globe. As a member of the band surrounding singer-songwriter Carly E. he recorded and performed her album Timeless Thoughts in Holland in 2018/2019. 

In the fall of 2017 Efraim toured with Amsterdam-based jazz vocalist Sietske throughout Germany and the Netherlands as part of the release of her new album Leaving Traces on which Efraim is featured. He is also the drummer on Trova Caminhada, Portuguese vocalist Rafael Fraga’s new album, with whom he regularly tours the Netherlands and Belgium. Efraim is a founding member of the rhythm driven jazz quartet, Aldebaran 4, for whom he regularly writes and who’s concerts have taken him to cities around Spain, Czech Republic, Germany and the Netherlands. 

Efraim’s compositions are a foundation in the repertoire of La Aum Refrain, his duo with soprano Laura Bohn and drums/piano which explores the intersection between classical and jazz. Other bands with which he has been heard regularly around Europe include the Neutral Ground Brass Band, the Joana Espadinha Quintet, Jellyfish, The Soul Keys and the Mira Falk Quartet. He played for 5 years as resident drummer with the Ricciotti Ensemble Orchestra featuring guest soloists like Spinvis, Ken Ard, Karsu Dönmez and Ellen ten Damme with whom he toured over 7 European countries.

Efraim was born in 1984 in Melbourne, Australia as the youngest of four children. In 2004 he began studying jazz-drums at the Conservatory of Enschede, the Netherlands, with Hans Dekker and Joost van Schaik. In 2006 he continued his studies at the Conservatory of Amsterdam with Marcel Serierse and Martijn Vink, where he received his bachelor degree in 2010. As part of his following Masters study he attended at the Manhattan School of Music in New York City, where renowned drummer John Riley taught him. In June 2012 Efraim obtained his Masters degree in Amsterdam. Efraim continues an active teaching schedule in drum schools around Amsterdam and with his own private studio.

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